Cloud Consultancy

~ helping the so called ‘little fish’ compete with the ‘big fish’ ~

Hey there, I’m Bec and I’m Big Little Fish’s marketeer and budgeteer.

I helped set up Big Little Fish with Jez in 2009 and now work flexible hours on the business directing our digital presence and managing the financial operating of the business. 

Since graduating in 1995 I spent over 10 years working in London in business travel management most recently specialising as a project manager which means keeping many different plates spinning at the same time, much akin to running a small business like Big Little Fish!  

I embrace technology,  it helps enable my love of communicating with people and so  I’m  not shy to strike up a conversation with anyone, in person or virtually, and I love the buzz of working towards a goal both professionally and personally.

What else about me?  I’ve a curious mind and devour self development books and podcasts.  I love instagram and I really LOVE insta-shopping!  I’m a proud mother of two amazing children and a home interior devotee… regularly undermined by my nemesis, our pet Dalmatian. 

But simply put, I’m at my happiest when I’m spending time with my family and friends just enjoying the moment.